Your creations should generally belong to one of the following categories in order to be submitted, reviewed, and then posted on the blog:

  • sketches (including anything from doodles on a napkin to your closest impression of da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”),

  • poetry (rhyme, no rhyme, sonnets, haikus, no real wrong answer here),

  • short stories and screenplays (these can be substantial in length but obviously shouldn’t be War and Peace),

  • photos (must be accompanied by some sort of explanation, essay, or captions). Please share using a GoogleDrive link.

  • reviews (of movies, television programs, books, music, concerts, restaurants, art, etc. in a roughly article-type format; thoughtful critique is valued but this section will not be used to promote grudges or spew hate),

  • politics and sports (the views expressed within each piece are only shared by the author of that particular piece; don’t get offended if your piece doesn’t get published; satire and irony are welcome but let’s try to do it well enough people know that’s what it is)


Disclaimers/Annoying Stuff We Have to Say Even Though it Only Applies to ~ 2% of Situations:

The editor of Basement Outpost and the staff at Wicked Pittsburgh reserve the right to take down any of the posts that feature your submissions at any time. The editor of Basement Outpost obviously has the right to publish submissions at his/her discretion. Submitting pieces is done with the understanding that each submission is subject to editorial review before publication and the guidelines above and below.

We value each of your contributions that are submitted in good faith but have to account for instances where a piece is needlessly offensive or damaging, or doesn’t fit the direction we want this blog to take. Again, these disclaimers probably don’t apply to you, so don’t worry about it. We just have to say this stuff so someone doesn’t send us a picture of a pile of shit thinking they’re Marcel Duchamp or have some weirdo expect us to publish thier Mein Kampf fanfiction or whatever.

Oh yeah and while we’re on the subject of shitty things, this blog will not be publishing reactionary rhetoric, homophobia, racism, sexism, and/or other forms of bigotry against oppressed peoples. Stay positive folks.

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