Introducing Basement Outpost Contributor: Daniel Yasko September 15, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

Daniel Yasko was born in rural Michigan before moving to Pittsburgh, PA at the age of 6. While bouncing around from state to state during his teenage years, he began to write to document his experiences. In his poetry he tells his story of homelessness, drug abuse, sex, falling in love, stints in rehabs and state run psych wards, loss, adventure and friendship. Drawing upon raw emotion, he explores the mixture of tragedy, elation and humor found in life’s less than clear path. He is currently working on his first book, “Dyings Not That Bad I Tried it Once in Pittsburgh.” Reach him via email for questions, comments or just a random conversation at and keep an eye out for more excerpts from hi…

Introducing Basement Outpost Contributor: Cameron Barnett September 3, 2018 By: Editor Kyle


Cameron Barnett holds an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and teaches middle school at Falk Laboratory School in Oakland. He’s an editor for Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, and a board member for The Bridge Series. His recent work has appeared in The Florida Review, The Minnesota Review, Rattle, and IDK Magazine. His first collection, The Drowning Boy’s Guide to Water (Autumn House Press) was a finalist for an NAACP Image Award. Cameron’s work explores the complexity of race and the body for a black man in today’s America. Find out more about him at…

Twenty Eight Teen – By: Cameron Barnett August 21, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

I’ve been feeling less canvas and more easel. It’s been

so hard to feel full of anything anymore. I eat only

to realize I am being eaten. I am guilty on thirty-two counts


of teeth collecting nothing but welfare and plaque. First

my bite, then my bark, so tell me what now have you

come for? I wish for you a misdemeanor of memories

so arresting the clench of wrists behind back stops


your heart. But you keep on beating. You keep on—

you keep on keeping space for space’s sake, or

birthright, and I’ve been feeling like a clock of bones

clacking beneath the dirt; I’ve been feeling like lumber

fish-scaled from fire; I’ve been feeling like fire as

I watch you drop cream into coffee to cut its strength


and grin me down into the blackest grounds. I wish

that was the end of it. I wish for you a toilet with no

drain, or a fuck-you-poem that keeps fucking you


up the way a lie fills a body with heli…

“Dying’s Not That Bad I Tried it Once in Pittsburgh” – Excerpt 1 – By: Daniel Yasko August 1, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

This building is known

As Dagget Street

It’s where we call home

It’s where we smoke crack

And sing along to old punk records

Until we wake the homeless

Sleeping in the stairwells

Its where the pitbulls

Are barely held back by their chains

Snapping as we walk by

Its where the graffiti writers

Have come and gone

Leaving their mark for us to find

It’s where they find b…

Three Poems – By: Ron Gavalik July 18, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

Molecular Flux

Lovers with soft lips

exit without warning

washed away in summer rain

But their passions

are organic

alive within us

until the final



Honored Voices

I came up on welfare

so I write for the poor

the drywallers

the retail clerks

the ditch diggers

The voices

no one hears

are heard

Degenerate – By: Ron Gavalik June 28, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

I’m the degenerate you love to hate,

the unclean sinner who won’t toe the line.

You ridicule my independence at dinner parties,

among similarly dressed cronies,

the institutionalized prisoners

of prestige.


Hate us all, the degenerates.

Scorn the indie musician on the sidewalk.

He colors the dull march of the khakis.

Despise the painter in welfare housing.

She strokes thick lines of anguish

onto uncomfortable canvases.

Taunt the quiet poet at the…