Introducing Basement Outpost Contributor: Cameron Barnett September 3, 2018 By: Editor Kyle


Cameron Barnett holds an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and teaches middle school at Falk Laboratory School in Oakland. He’s an editor for Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, and a board member for The Bridge Series. His recent work has appeared in The Florida Review, The Minnesota Review, Rattle, and IDK Magazine. His first collection, The Drowning Boy’s Guide to Water (Autumn House Press) was a finalist for an NAACP Image Award. Cameron’s work explores the complexity of race and the body for a black man in today’s America. Find out more about him at…

Catching a Glimpse of Zach Sierocki May 6, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

Zach is an artist that uses abstract and colorful techniques to bring style and personality to different well known characters. Very diverse in his work, he paints rocks smaller than pennies to the outside of buildings. You can catch Zach live Finger Painting at Art All Night, Millvale Music Festival, and LionFire Music Festival. His use of color and persistent line-work has created a unique style recognized throughout the city of Pittsburgh. You can also see his work in the Contemporary Art of Excellence book for sale globally at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Kindle.

Introducing Wicked Pittsburgh Artist: Brittney Chantele January 5, 2018 By: Co-Editor Mike

Wicked Pittsburgh recently signed on it’s latest addition – singer-songwriter, visual artist, poet, and activist, Brittney Chantele.


Craft: Visual Artist and Musician


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


Bio: Brittney Chantele aspires for her art to inspire people emotionally, mentally, and physically. While some of Brittney’s work is approached in an abstract connection with her PTSD from military service, other works are more boldly politically-charged in such a way that openly addresses many issues within the armed forces.


Follow Brittney on Instagram @brittneychantele – or view more of her work on Wicked Pittsburgh here.

Introducing Wicked Pittsburgh Artist: Benny Miller December 13, 2017 By: Co-Editor Mike

Wicked Pittsburgh recently signed on it’s latest addition – high school art teacher, and master sketch art artist: Benny Miller.


Craft: Sketch Artist


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA


Bio: Born and raised in Pittsburgh where, at an early age, I discovered the golden sanctuary known as the comic book shop. Shortly after discovering the colorful pages full of action, explosions, and superpowers, I began drawing my own characters; the course of my life was forever altered. Many years later and I am in my twelfth year of teaching art at Brentwood Middle/High School, and spend every free moment I have drawing, reading sci-fi, or watching transformers with my two boys.


Follow Benny on Instagram @bennymillerart – or view more of her work on Wicked Pittsburgh here.

Letter From the Editor November 12, 2017 By: Editor Kyle

The internet is the place we go to be someone else. Our online personas are often vastly different than our “irl” personalities. In some instances, this place is an escape from reality.


Not really a profound observation, right? What this common sentiment misses, though, is that we do the same exact thing even when we’re away from our glowing screens and clever usernames.


When then, are we genuine? How do we find out who people really are? One of the most authentic forms of communication is artistic expression. That’s why Basement Outpost wants to create a space that allows you to submit your thoughts and artistic creations for the world to see. Your submissions will be reviewed by our editor (me) and/or staff and later posted on the blog. They can be displayed with your name if you wish or with a username if you’d rather remain anonymous. The…