Please Like & Subscribe October 24, 2019 By: Editor Kyle

I should be meditating.

No more pontificating!

Faking, shaking, making an image.


aware I’m a statistic,

simultaneously believing my mystics,

“Your problems are severe, but have fixes!”

Going through the motions but

I believe I’m God down deep in my gut.

The Heavy Metal Poet Works a Day Job – By: Bill Cleary July 28, 2019 By: Editor Kyle

Blast beats of the sort that few will hear.

Operate that machinery.

The beep of the long tail.

Observe with all your might.

Riffage of that time clock.

Twin guitar in the lower register.

Those evil chords at the start of the workday.

Chug chug chug.

Corpse paint at the 15 minute break

Paid for by the company.

Non union binary bass runs.

Forced exposure and forced overtime.

Introducing Basement Outpost Contributor: Cameron Barnett September 3, 2018 By: Editor Kyle


Cameron Barnett holds an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and teaches middle school at Falk Laboratory School in Oakland. He’s an editor for Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, and a board member for The Bridge Series. His recent work has appeared in The Florida Review, The Minnesota Review, Rattle, and IDK Magazine. His first collection, The Drowning Boy’s Guide to Water (Autumn House Press) was a finalist for an NAACP Image Award. Cameron’s work explores the complexity of race and the body for a black man in today’s America. Find out more about him at cameronbarnett.net…

“Dying’s Not That Bad I Tried it Once in Pittsburgh” – Excerpt 1 – By: Daniel Yasko August 1, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

This building is known

As Dagget Street

It’s where we call home

It’s where we smoke crack

And sing along to old punk records

Until we wake the homeless

Sleeping in the stairwells

Its where the pitbulls

Are barely held back by their chains

Snapping as we walk by

Its where the graffiti writers

Have come and gone

Leaving their mark for us to find

It’s where they find b…

Three Poems – By: Ron Gavalik July 18, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

Molecular Flux

Lovers with soft lips

exit without warning

washed away in summer rain

But their passions

are organic

alive within us

until the final



Honored Voices

I came up on welfare

so I write for the poor

the drywallers

the retail clerks

the ditch diggers

The voices

no one hears

are heard

Degenerate – By: Ron Gavalik June 28, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

I’m the degenerate you love to hate,

the unclean sinner who won’t toe the line.

You ridicule my independence at dinner parties,

among similarly dressed cronies,

the institutionalized prisoners

of prestige.


Hate us all, the degenerates.

Scorn the indie musician on the sidewalk.

He colors the dull march of the khakis.

Despise the painter in welfare housing.

She strokes thick lines of anguish

onto uncomfortable canvases.

Taunt the quiet poet at the…

Fred – By: Ron Gavalik June 7, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

From an early age, before preschool,

there was one Pittsburgh man inside a box

who showed us how to find one’s bliss.

He set the tone to lead a happy life.

While I sat on the sofa, pillow hugged tight,

the Pittsburgh man inside the box taught me

the virtue of kindness and curiosity.

He taught me make believe.


When I grew up, life’s…

1000 is Never Enough April 28, 2018 By: Editor Kyle

Imagine my surprise

on my breath a crude disguise

but concerned eyes annihilate lies

on my breath a poison – reviled, despised.


Of course they knew, they know

from my mouth I lay them low

striking dumb blows against those

that dare thumb their nose at my cruel show.


Lashing out but within

I yearn for freedom from this sin

once more I’ve fallen, I’ll never win

but then they pull me up again.


Death distilled, I’ve had my fill

their resolve, my will, one less kill

one less notch for despair’s favorite swill.