Untitled – By: Chace Campbell

From the artist:

This piece is the result of deconstructing and reassembling my usual creative process with the intention of observing how the pairing of new mediums and a more experimental approach would affect various aspects of a given creation.

Previously I relied solely on geometric forms and flowing lines to convey subtle variations of calmness and balance. While I’m still very fond of that simplicity and the results it gave, I’m now more interested in exploring elements of randomness and play within my work.

This piece started with the spreading of glue over a page, placing an image down and tearing off after a short drying period. The rest is a product of what remained and how I chose to put each remaining piece together.

By treating each medium as a function and each layer as a variable I was able to navigate a spontaneous, yet still fairly structured, path to what became the final piece.

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