Ones and Zeros – By: Cameron Barnett


I wanted to write something

quaint and coded, but

all I could manage was the letter “I”

on one side of a page.



When I was your age

I never felt whole;

I only learned to

when I learned to

feel my divisions.



If the body were a sentence

how would we know

whether the heart is a coma

or a semicolon?



When I was your age I learned

that a rainbow is just a trick:

a kiss of light and water.

When I was your age I stopped

giving kisses for fear

of being tricked.



The Big Bang is, after all,

just another theory

of our collective nothingness

and this is where we all begin.



Anymore, we’re all too busy

listing fears as ones and zeros

on the internet, an infinity

of digits weighing us down.



It’s no wonder I find my best

reflection toward the margins

of most things.



If the body is just a trick,

a collective nothingness,

quaint and coded, all ones

and zeros, then it’s no wonder

I never felt whole

until you kissed me.

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