Introducing Basement Outpost Contributor: Daniel Yasko

Daniel Yasko was born in rural Michigan before moving to Pittsburgh, PA at the age of 6. While bouncing around from state to state during his teenage years, he began to write to document his experiences. In his poetry he tells his story of homelessness, drug abuse, sex, falling in love, stints in rehabs and state run psych wards, loss, adventure and friendship. Drawing upon raw emotion, he explores the mixture of tragedy, elation and humor found in life’s less than clear path. He is currently working on his first book, “Dyings Not That Bad I Tried it Once in Pittsburgh.” Reach him via email for questions, comments or just a random conversation at and keep an eye out for more excerpts from his upcoming publication of “Dying’s Not That Bad I Tried It Once in Pittsburgh” here on Basement Outpost!

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