Letter From the Editor

The internet is the place we go to be someone else. Our online personas are often vastly different than our “irl” personalities. In some instances, this place is an escape from reality.


Not really a profound observation, right? What this common sentiment misses, though, is that we do the same exact thing even when we’re away from our glowing screens and clever usernames.


When then, are we genuine? How do we find out who people really are? One of the most authentic forms of communication is artistic expression. That’s why Basement Outpost wants to create a space that allows you to submit your thoughts and artistic creations for the world to see. Your submissions will be reviewed by our editor (me) and/or staff and later posted on the blog. They can be displayed with your name if you wish or with a username if you’d rather remain anonymous. The main goal is to provide you with an opportunity to share your creativity and occupy a space online that showcases artistic expression.


Let this blog be your canvas, your journal, your soapbox. This blog is your platform to safely and proudly show off what you think, what you can create. Maybe you work 9-5 in a cubicle all day, covertly jotting down lines of a poem that’s been floating through your mind for the past hour. Maybe you get home from the construction site and with your calloused hands sketch places you visited the night before when your head hit the pillow. Maybe you’ve always considered yourself politically inclined but feel your view isn’t commonly represented in mainstream media and you’re seeking a way to share your perspective with the world. All of you, every single one of you, even you (yes you, no don’t look around I’m talking to you) – have found the right place. Send us your art, your poems, your sketches, your pictures, your thoughts rendered word. Please share with us and the world one of the most visceral, pure insights into your humanity – your artistic creations. A lot to ask. We know. But besides getting over 100 likes on your super interesting Instagram picture of clouds with a cool filter – it’s one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

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